I practice psychotherapy both in Vienna and the Waldviertel. Therefore I am flexible on where to meet:
- I have a private practice in Laimbach am Ostrong (between Melk and Zwettl) and one private practice in the 1st district in Vienna - overlooking the "Donaukanal"

- I sometimes suggest "Walk & Talk" in the surroundings of either practice - this can be a useful and a great alternative to the regular setting of both people sitting

- I am available via telephone/Skype - for special occasions or emergencies


Duration & Frequency

Current problems and difficult situation can be handled in a couple of sessions. Mostly these apparent and known problems are the symptoms of some deeper seated challenges, old wounds or never looked at traumas. To come to peace with those, understand them and find meaning, this takes more time, effort and a somewhat longer therapeutical process. The duration of the process is generally determined by the patient. I honor the fact that the psychotherapeutical relationship (as every relationship should) needs closure and completion and the right amount of time to create profound and long lasting changes.

The most successful frequency in urgent cases is weekly. For longer (and not urgent cases) I see my patients every other week. 


If you must cancel your appointment, you can do this free of charge by giving 24 hours notice at my practice in Vienna respectively 48 hours in Laimbach. If you do not cancel within this time period you will be charged with the full amount.


If  you arrive late to the appointment we will not be able to add this time on to your session.


We will also discuss organizational topics such as fee´s, cancellation, duration, frequency etc during our initial 50 minutes meeting. 

confidentiality AGREEMENT

As a psychotherapist I am obligated by law to keep everything - even your identity - completely confidential.

He who has a "why" to live can bear almost any "how". Friedrich Nitzsche