what is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a scientifically proven treatment process that helps people who may be dealing with psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, addictions, post traumatic stress disorder etc.  While it is common to sometimes "feel blue" or "a little worried", occasionally these feeling escalate, can last for a long period of time and get in the way of living a beautiful life.
When those issues start to get in the way of one´s ability to function and when help from family and friends (or selfhelp books or programs) is not sufficient anymore, that is when you may want to consider psychotherapy to treat specific issues and regain control of your life.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your actions, would like to feel you can manage anything in your life again and to say yes to navigating some inner and outer changes, then psychotherapy may be right for you.


The way I work is through talking-therapy and I usually work one-on-one, meaning we do private sessions in person.


WHAT IS existential analysis and           logo-therapy

Existential Analysis can be defined as a phenomenological and personoriented psychotherapy with the aim of guiding a person towards experiencing freely (both mentally and emotionally) and therefor make its own decisions and say yes to life and the way of living. Existential Analysis aims at enabling a person to make authentic decisions and to discover a truly responsible way of dealing with life and the world. Existential Analysis can be applied in cases of psychosocial, psychosomatic and psychologically caused disorders in both experience and behaviour. The psychotherapeutic process utilizes a phenomenological analysis of emotions, considered to be the centre of experience. Biographical work and empathic listening by the therapist contribute to an improvement of emotional accessibility and understanding.


Logotherapy is a method of counseling that focuses on the quest for meaning.

"You dont have to put up with everything, not even from yourself" Viktor Frankl