At the wonderful age of 50+, I can say that,  I have had the opportunity to do and experience many things in all areas of my life.

I was raised in an Austrian "Gasthof" (a guesthouse, bar, restaurant all in one) and since I was very little, openness, flexibility, communication and empathy have always defined me.


My earlier career was in tourism and hospitality, but I realized that my real passion in life is to help and support others to enjoy life to the fullest.

As part of this dream and goal, I  was trained as a Life-Coach by world renowned motivational speaker and peak performance coach Tony Robbins in the USA. and all around the world. I have traveled 20+ countries as part of his Trainer-Leadership Team, assisting with groups of up to 10000 participants. In 2010 I earned a degree as counselor (Lebens- und Sozialberater) in Austria with the well-known book author, gender rights activist and sexualy psychotherapist and psychologist Dr. Rotraud Perner.
In 2011 I made the decision to start my education and training as a psychotherapist and successful earned my degree in fall 2018.

Because of my own attitude towards life and based on my personal beliefs, I chose to become certified as a Therapist in Existential- and Logo-Therapy following the Training of Dr. Alfried Längle - philosopher, psychotherapist and founding member of Gesellschaft für Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse. Dr. Längle used to work, train and study with the famous founder of the so called 3rd viennese school of psychotherapy the late Dr. Viktor Frankl.

A short overview of my trainings and work experience in the psycho-social field:

- Training to become a Life Coach und NAC-Trainer in San Diego/USA  

- Counselor- Training (Lebens- und Sozialberater ) - specialized in gender matters and sexual counseling 

- Propaedeutic studies in psychotherapy at University of Vienna (HOPP)

- Advanced studies in psychotherapy at Gesellschaft für Existenzanalyse und Logotherapie in Vienna

- April 2016 until October 2018 Psychotherapist in Training under supervision
- since October 2018 Psychotherapist 

- Internship at the Department of Behavioral Therapy for clinical alcoholism at  Therapiezentrum Ybbs/Donau 

- Assistant at the Psychotherapeutical Clinic of Sigmund Freud University Vienna 

- Internship (one on one-therapy and group-therapy) at Gesundheitszentrum Ottenschlag (psycho-social Rehabilitation centre)

- Internships at Landeskrankenhaus Mauer-Öhling at the ward for psychotherapy, Institut for Psychotherapy and forensic ward

- Internationally renowned Trainer and Coach


I have jumped out of planes, scuba dived the worlds oceans, skied beautiful mountains, done some stand up comedy in New York, hiked the Pilgrimage in Spain, ran various Half Marathons and Marathons, traveled all continents.
Almost got killed twice, lost my brother to depression.
I know trauma, I know grief AND I know fun, joy, excitment, Zest for life, Passion and so much more.

I love to have fun and I am a firm believer that humor can change everything - that´s why I also use humor in my therapies.